The Original 4-Door Porsche | 1994 Mercedes-Benz E 500 Review

This past weekend I was in Toronto, Ontario for the second year of Oblivion, an 80's & 90's cars & culture show which happened at Ontario Place along the shore of Lake Ontario. A viewer of mine reached out to me a few months prior to film his mint 1994 Mercedes-Benz E 500, the original 4 door Porsche as some liked to call it, given how much collaboration took place between MB and Porsche to develop this car.

Here’s the full video of this car: TestDrive Spotlight


I was also lucky to compare the W124 E-Class with its modern counterpart, this 2019 Mercedes-Benz E 450 4matic. While the two cars have very little in common today aside from a nameplate, you can still see the family heritage when they’re parked next to each other. I was also surprised at how close in exterior size the two were, with the widened track of the E 500 helped to narrow the gap between the two of them.

Overall it was a serious treat being able to drive this W124, especially after having the chance to drive two other engines/trims previously. The one major takeaway from my day with this car was just how modern it drove, unlike most of the other classic cars I’ve driven. The E 500 was able to keep up with highway traffic without any issue, and chucking it into a tight highway on-ramp at near-highway speeds made it feel like a proper modern performance car. This car is easily to live with on a daily basis, which truly surprised me.


The Oblivion car show gave me an opportunity to spot out two other W124s, including a Euro-spec E 500 with the leather/plaid seats and IR remote for central locking, along with a Japanese-spec E 34 AMG, the Baby Hammer. That one started life off as a 300 CE and was tuned by AMG for the Japanese market. Gorgeous vehicles with a lot of history behind them. 

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